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Instructed at your facility by James Thurston!

 Author of "The GRAB Method - 4 Steps to Motivation to Change Your Life".



the video below is designed for healthcare, however the tools and workshop can apply to any service industry including sales professionals looking to overcome obstacles.


Programs can be customized to your organazational needs.









"THE GRAB METHOD"....Workshop will equip your staff with principle centered knowledge and tools needed to stay grounded when the going gets tough.  Lets face it, employees who lack purpose and motivation make it difficult for others. This directly affects appreciation and respect for each other.   

This workshop is designed and instructed by James Thurston, RN and also licensed insurance agent.  James can not only get your staff motivated but also help identify key areas that may be holding back growth.  the main focus of the program is creating a positive work environment by empowering staff to be at their best! 


                                          "THE 4 STEPS"


1. Get Motivated - Developing Inner Strength

2. Revitalize   -      Creating Purpose and Focus

3. Adjust        -       Acting on Inner Strength

4. Breakthrough -  Getting Results


The Grab Method Workshop can be a 1-2  hour workshop or an 8 hour day program. Workbooks are included.


James has over 27 years experience working in various fields of public service as Fleet Manager, Police Officer and Registered Nurse and knows what it takes to make change and keep others going.  This combined experience  and background has contributed to the outstanding "4 Steps to Motivation" which is principle centered and universal. 


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The "GRAB " Method

4 Steps to Motivation to Change Your Life!


1.  Get Motivated

2.  Revitalize

3.  Adjust

4.  Breakthrough


These are short, highly effective steps to creating positive change.


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