My Story

My name is James Thurston, author, speaker and Licensed RN. 


Purpose and strength can be developed but is a inside job. 


While working in a demanding, high stress hospital setting I had to come up with a way to cope with the daily stresses that go with the job and dealing effectively with others.  I started reading dozens of books on my days off that included authors like Dr. Stephen R. Covey, John Maxwell, and many others.  I created a process called "The 4 Steps to Motivation", now called "The GRAB Method".  


I speak from a workers perspective with real application on how to create positive change from day to day.  I do not use a "theory" or long drawn out academia approaches that are ineffective.  Only short, proven applications for real change that can be easily applied. 


I live with my wife, two kids, two dogs, and two birds in S.W. Florida.   








The "GRAB " Method

4 Steps to Motivation to Change Your Life!


1.  Get Motivated

2.  Revitalize

3.  Adjust

4.  Breakthrough


These are short, highly effective steps to creating positive change.


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