James Thurston is a Licensed RN, and former Police Officer.  James is also the author of  "The GRAB Method, 4 Steps to Motivation to Change Your Life".   James realized early on that common sense is not always common knowledge and a concise foundation was needed for himself and co-workers to become and stay motivated.  

Having worked in law enforcement  and healthcare over the past 23 years James knows what high stress is and the importance of managing it properly.  The 4 Steps to Motivation program James created is a principle centered approach taught in a workshop style setting that is inspirational and promotes teamwork and a positive work environment. 

James created this process after many years of research, attending seminars, interviewing top executives, CEO's and reading dozens of leadership books written by industry experts on motivation and change.  


Recent accomplishments:  Author of new book "The GRAB Method, 4 Steps to Motivation to Change Your Life"   published 01/2020.

Newly Licensed Insurance Sales Agent 07/2020. 

James is a member of the East Lee County Chamber of Commerce  and lives with his with wife, two kids, two dogs, and two birds in South West Florida.   







The "GRAB " Method

4 Steps to Motivation to Change Your Life!


1.  Get Motivated

2.  Revitalize

3.  Adjust

4.  Breakthrough


These are short, highly effective steps to creating positive change.


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